About Hope


     To proclaim and live the Hope found in Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the christ, God's Son, our Lord. We believe that salvation is by Grace through faith alone and that the Bible is the inspired word of God. God demonstrates His love, and freely and fully forgives our sins for the sake of Christ Jesus our Lord. The Bible is the standard by which teaching and doctrines are to be judged.

     Hope has many opportunites for worship and growth in the Christian faith. We are a caring community that gathers to praise God and support one another to use the gifts God has given us to declare God's love to the world. We are built on the foundation that Jesus died and rose again by the power of God. Christ calls us to live in fellowship and serve him through the gift of the Holy Spirit. We invite any and all people to join us in experiencing the grace and love of God.


     Hope Lutheran Church was founded in Frankfort KY in 1965 and has been located at the current site since 1970. Our building is beautifully situated atop a hill overlooking Hwy. 60 just west of Frankfort and includes space or worship, fellowship and learning. Hope is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the largest body of Lutherans in the US.

     Hope Lutheran is one of nearly 300 congreagations of the Indiana-Kentucky synod of the ELCA. Together with our brothers and sisters, Hope supports church colleg4es, hospitals, missionaries, and vital work around the world.

     Since Hope is the only ELCA Lutheran church in the immediate area we have members who live in many of the communities and counties surrounding Frankfort and are open to any person who wishes to join us in our mission. We are a smaller congragation where each person is important to the life and ministry of the congragation. We work together and volunteer out time and resources to the greater work of God in our midst.


     Pastor Stephen Flynn has recently returned to the congregation in which he grew up. After attending college and seminary in Ohio and serving two previous parishes in northern Indiana for a total of thirteen years, Pastor Flynn began as Pastor of Hope in June of 2005. He is Married and has two school age children.

     Pastor Flynn enjoys a wide variety of intrests and activities from music and drama to farming and woodworking. He has a passion for the ministry, particularly in the preaching and teaching ministries of the church. He finds great joy and excitement among the people of God at Hope.

     Dixie Rash has been the secretary at hope since August of 2003. She is the friendly voice who answers the phone in the mornings and keeps things running smoothly around the church office. She works with Pastor to edit and produce our monthly newsletter to keep everyone informed about what is happening around Hope.

Music Minister-
     Dr. Sonny Burnette has been music minister at Hope since June of 2004. He directs the choir, plays organ and keyboard for worship each week and periodially blesses us with special music on the flute and saxophone. In his daily life Sonny teaches at Georgetown College.
It Takes Everyone-
     Many other people volunteer their time and resources to make Hope church a wonderful congragation to be a part of. We see working together as a sign and refletion of the greater work of Christ in our midst.